My workshops include things like: 
  • Enneagram & Entrepreneurship
  • Enneagram at Work
  • Enneagram & Your Creative Process
  • Enneagram & Burnout
  • How to find your Enneagram Type
  • Introduction to the Enneagram

I Help Individuals own your challenges and embrace your growth through the Enneagram Type.

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After reading this book, it is now my #1 recommendation to anyone who wants to learn more about the enneagram, themselves, and how to use the enneagram to grow. This book is to the point, yet kind and compassionate in a way that no other enneagram book I’ve read is. This book is good for anyone just getting into the enneagram, but also people who know a lot about it. There is always more to learn, and SaraJane gives more than just the general information, but also her own unique way to use it for growth in your own life.

- Audrey

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Head on over to our podcast dedicated to discussing the beautiful and hard parts of working with the enneagram—focusing on understanding the enneagram and using it as a tool for self-compassion.


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