A Conversation Around Productivity & Pleasure

Let’s have conversation around productivity and pleasure. Back in May we discussed productivity culture and why it is prevalent and how to not let it be what causes your burnout. However, I still feel as though there is more to say. 

The trouble that I have with the conversation around productivity is that it’s not as easy as right or wrong. Like we SHOULD be productive or we shouldn’t focus on productivity at all. It’s both/and. 

While I hope that you aren’t measuring your worth by productivity the reality is that most of us have things we have to do either for a job or our household. Things that just need to get done and in my opinion the more productive we can be AKA the more we can get done in the shorter amount of time the more time we have for pleasure. 

The idea for this series came out of a conversation I had with my husband. We were talking about how often people ask me about being a seven because I am so seemingly organized and productive. And through our discussion I came the realization that for me productivity is a priority because the sooner I get things done the sooner I can do whatever I want. The sooner I am free. 

At the same time I have had to learn that I can’t schedule in my pleasure like a task on my to do list. I have tried countless times in my life to preemptively rest in preparation for a busy period or to stuff all of my self-care activities into my morning routine so that I don’t have to think about it again for the rest of the day. 

This doesn’t work because rest isn’t something you can store up and use later. We need to rest daily and pleasure isn’t felt to it’s depths when it’s being shoved into a timeline. It’s best experienced when you can be fully present with the desire to experience the pleasure and then the actual experience that brings you the pleasure. In fact, I’d argue that pleasure isn’t even pleasure if you aren’t fully present with it. It’s just a thing you’re doing. 

So, as I seek to consistently find my rhythm with pleasure and production both of which I believe are non-negotiable necessities for our daily life I want to bring you along with me. 

I believe our enneagram types have so much to tell us about how we limit our pleasure and how we struggle with productivity. 

I’ll be tackling each type Tuesday and Thursday for the next few weeks starting with type one this Thursday! 

Join me on Instagram to talk more about this concept. How do you feel about seeing productivity as a means to more pleasure? 

August 2, 2022

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